Guess who’s gonna be paying his upcoming quarterly IRS bill on time? Me! Why? Cause I didn’t have to remember to set aside the money.

Yep. I didn’t have to remember anything. Catch took care of everything for me. This service/app, I feel, is ground breaking. It’s what all us freelancers have been needing. Hands down, if you work for yourself, you need to sign up for Catch.

This service watches for income coming into you bank, then sends you a notification to set aside a pre-determined percentage based on your situation. All you have to do is tap a ‘Confirm’ button and Catch does the rest. Once it’s time to pay the IRS, you can transfer the money back to your bank to make your payment.

It’s fucking genius and now a necessity for me. Yes, a necessity.

I was not paid anything to say this. This is not an ad or sponsored post. I just genuinely believe in what they’re doing for freelancers like me. So much so that I shared it on my Photogivity Podcast in episode 17. Catch got word and was kind of enough to send me a shirt and handwritten letter thanking me! Thank you to Kristen and the entire team over at Catch.

Photographers, we look out for each other. This is me looking out for you.

As always, I want to be transparent with you. So full disclosure, the links on this post are affiliate links. This means if you decide to sign up I may receive a small kickback, but at no expense to you. This not only helps you out, but also helps me out with keeping my podcast ad-free.

Thanks again Catch for giving me peace of mind!