Last week, I had the honor of attending a last minute Austin Texas Photography Workshop with Sam Hurd. I had such a blast. Being around a cool guy like Sam along with other photographers talking about cameras and photography pumped me up. Photography just fuels me more so than food itself sometimes. I can’t explain it. It was interesting to see some similarities that I have with my own work, but also exciting to learn some new techniques and ways I can better myself as a photographer and business owner. It was just what I needed get myself in a more creative path. I highly recommend any photographers out there who are serious about their craft to attend a photography workshop by someone they look up to. And more so… meet other photographers in your community.

These are some behind the scenes snapshots from the workshop.

If you want to see what Sam shot, check out his blog post here. If you aren’t familiar with his work, be sure to browse around on his website.