So, a few months back, I made a stupid decision to delete this personal blog site. It was all for good reasons, but I eventually opted for another route. All this will make sense in due time. I managed to find one of the last posts I made, but that’s it. I’m okay with starting over.

I feel like I really need this. Blogging. Well, actually journaling. It’s soothing. It clears my mind. It helps me sort out all the madness I hold inside and don’t tell anyone. My mind is a crazy place.

I remember in one of my first posts I made when I had started this journal site, I had said that I didn’t care who read this. And I still don’t. It’s all just for me. But, if someone reads it, it’s all good. I don’t care. I’m all about sharing my experiences and crazy mind with everyone. Yesterday, I had the craziest, most random conversation with someone miles away in another state. I’ve met this person a few times years ago, but that’s it. Long story short, he went on to say that he actually gave a damn about the long ass posts I write from time to time. He said he could tell I was genuine and that’s what made him want to read. Other than that, he said he’s not much for reading people’s things. Not only was this crazy to hear, but it was a bit of a mind opener. I don’t care about having the whole world on me, that’d fuckin’ hell. I can’t handle that shit. But the fact that at least some people care enough to read my bullshit is enough for me to want to start doing this more often. Plus, it seriously helps me out a ton.

There is so much going on in my head right now. Most of it’s all good. And most of that most is anxiety. Good anxiety. So many great things are happening at once. And so much isn’t happening too. Which is good because I’m able to focus on the good anxiety for the most part. For me, the waiting is the hardest part.

In short, I’m making a business change that I feel is for the better. I’m making a lot of preparations for it. It’s pretty overwhelming, but at the same time so satisfying. And in a few weeks, the big guns come in. I’m crazy nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s just one of those moments I didn’t think would happen and one of those moments I’ve been waiting for.

In the midst of all this, we’re going to be moving into a new apartment soon! It’s literally just downstairs from where we are now, but I’m anxious to get moved in. We were supposed to move in today, they’re still making repairs. It’s a big step for us. Our first big step was getting our own place last year, which is where we’re living now… a tiny studio apartment for us three. The place we’re moving in is bigger! A town home! So, we’ll have two stories of space! Ethan won’t have his own room yet, but hell… it’s a step up from where we’ve been living. I’m fucking excited as hell to organize and decorate. Once we’re moved in, I’m going to build us a work desk!

And depending on how it all works out, I might even start holding client meetings there. It’s not huge or anything, but I’m just so damn proud of us. We’re doing our own thing and making things happen on our own. There’s just no words to describe how proud of us I feel.

I’m third beer in writing this, so I’m leaving with a cheers to more! This journal site is no longer going anywhere!