This site hasn’t ever really been a thing. I’ve own the domain name for as long as Anthony Gauna Photo, I think.

I never wanted it to be my main photography website cause I already have my other site as that. However, I’ve been realizing I need another place to post personal blog posts. I’ve been wanting a bit of separation between my wedding photography posts and other things.

And now that I kind of do quite a bit, I now feel that bringing this site to life finally will allow me to summarize who I am.

I want to personal photos here, share photography education article here, the podcast, lifestyle posts, and everything in between.

Because I would randomly use this website for well… random stuff in the past, there are a couple of old posts here. But from now on, if you want to keep up with anything related to me, you can do so here!

And if you want to keep up with my wedding photography work, you can do so at Anthony Gauna Photo.