The Oddest Thing I’ve Seen In A Thrift Store

Every now and then I’ll go with my wife to the thrift store. Most of the time I’m bored out of my mind, but sometimes you find some interesting things. Like this for instance. Lol.

Now that I’m making this website/blog my personal hub, I can totally see myself sharing more of this kinda stuff here. I feel like I had this really big a-ha moment cause for the past 6 months I’ve pretty much not been posting to my personal Facebook. It’s boring to me. But stuff like this what I would typically post. And now I have a home for these!

And cause I want my Instagram feed to be primarily portfolio worthy images, wedding or personal, I now have a hub for posting this weird photos or not so great photos. I’m so excited about this blog!

Taking Photos With No Objective


I went downtown today with no objective and enjoyed it.

Photographing people is what I enjoy the most because you get to connect with another person, have a conversation, and bring out their personality in a photograph.

But sometimes, it’s fun to just look around and frame up different light, color, and shapes. A photo like this means nothing to me, but it was fun to just be a kid so to speak.


Deer Vibes Show Photographed With X100

About a month ago, I was debating on selling my Fuji X100. I hadn’t really used it much. There were/are so many quirks about it that I didn’t/don’t like. A lot of these feelings too were coming from the fact that I know my Nikon like the back of my hand. Out of nowhere, I had this urge to want to challenge myself. So, I deleted my Craigslist ad and put my Nikon away. I’ve been shooting with nothing but the X100 since then. At least for personal work.

Needless to say, I’m loving it. I want to slowly start using it at weddings. So, I went out last night to go see my friends, Deer Vibes, perform. I figured I’d get some great practice using it in a low light situation with lots of movement. It was just what I needed to get some practice. I love the raw grittiness. I shot everything at 5000 ISO and feel that the camera can’t really handle that ISO very much. But for me, I still enjoy the feel of a photo more than anything, so it doesn’t bother me personally.

I really did like how it felt to use that camera last night. I felt like I enjoyed the show much more. And people don’t pay attention to you too much with that camera. I’m enjoying this Fuji journey.

san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0035 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0036 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0037 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0038 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0039 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0040 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0041 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0042 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0043 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0044 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0045 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0046 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0047 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0048 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0049 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0050 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0051 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0052 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0053 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0054 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0055 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0056 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0057 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0058 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0059 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0060 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0061 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0062 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0063 san-antonio-wedding-photographer_0064

Deer Vibes CD Release Show

I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful and amazing of a show Deer Vibes put on last night. No words. Their performance last night was by far how Deer Vibes is supposed to sound. The string and horn section was incredible. They sounded exactly like they do on their album. I don’t even really know what to write other than, I had a great time. I feel I captured the essence of the night in these photographs.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of their new album here.

deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0000 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0001 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0002 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0003 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0004 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0005 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0006 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0007 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0008 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0009 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0010 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0011 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0012 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0013 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0014 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0015 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0016 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0017 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0018 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0019 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0020 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0021 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0022 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0023 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0024 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0025 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0026 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0027 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0028 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0029 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0030 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0031 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0032 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0033 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0034 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0035 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0036 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0037 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0038 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0039 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0040 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0041 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0042 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0043 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0044 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0045 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0046 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0047 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0048 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0049 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0050 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0051 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0052 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0053 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0054 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0055 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0056 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0057 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0058 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0059 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0060 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0061 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0062 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0063 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0064 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0065 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0066 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0067 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0068 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0069 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0070 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0071 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0072 deer-vibes-anthony-gauna_0073

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Why Shooting Personal Work Is Important

It’s been pretty rare that I share personal work online. There are many photos that never see the light of day online because I’m always afraid that my work is never good enough. One thing I’m beginning to realize is that there are a lot of photographers who feel the same way. I’ve heard countless photographers that I look up to say they don’t think their work is great. And I myself am always striving to improve. I’m such a crazy OCD perfectionist and I’m always hard on myself. I know this. But it got me to thinking about why shooting personal work is important.

When you’re nothing but a photographer, shooting all the time is important. For most, it’s probably all they want to do. And personally, shooting keeps me sane. No seriously… it does.

So, before I go on, I’ll just explain how OCD I am. I have to plan out shoots with whoever I’m photographing. Everything from location to poses/expressions to wardrobe to the overall mood. Part of that planning process is also to get to know the person I’m photographing. I want to capture their true self and build up trust with each other. From the look of my images, I’m sure it doesn’t seem that I do this planning because I try and shoot with a very candid and natural look. However, sometimes there is this excitement that comes over me when I get to a place I’ve never been before. Particularly, if it’s an awesome location… especially out of San Antonio. In general, I feel I have a fair amount of a spontaneous personality. So, I started thinking to myself, “why do I always have to plan things out”? Shouldn’t I work on being able to embrace more of my spontaneity in my photos?

Yesterday was one of those days. I got together with someone that I had never met and chose to shoot at a random location that I saw while driving earlier that morning. I decided I wouldn’t plan out what I wanted for wardrobe or makeup. I just wanted to show up and see where everything went. It was such a huge eye-opener. I realized that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when shooting personal work because, at least for me, it’s a way to practice, experiment, and just figure myself out. In my head, I was asking myself why I shoot the way I do.

What I got out of yesterday, was that I now feel like I’m going to pay closer attention to that question… “Why”? I want to shape my photography more and more. I want to understand my eye as an artist.

Here’s a few frames.


Sam Hurd Austin Texas Photography Workshop


Last week, I had the honor of attending a last minute Austin Texas Photography Workshop with Sam Hurd. I had such a blast. Being around a cool guy like Sam along with other photographers talking about cameras and photography pumped me up. Photography just fuels me more so than food itself sometimes. I can’t explain it. It was interesting to see some similarities that I have with my own work, but also exciting to learn some new techniques and ways I can better myself as a photographer and business owner. It was just what I needed get myself in a more creative path. I highly recommend any photographers out there who are serious about their craft to attend a photography workshop by someone they look up to. And more so… meet other photographers in your community.

These are some behind the scenes snapshots from the workshop.

If you want to see what Sam shot, check out his blog post here. If you aren’t familiar with his work, be sure to browse around on his website.