A few days ago we fell asleep with the window open. I woke up feeling cold and a little congested. I had felt like I might be getting sick. By the evening yesterday, I was beginning to feel better. This morning though, I woke up feeling sick. Maybe it was a bad idea to have that beer during my meeting with a new couple last night. I was just having a lot of fun talking with them.

Anyhow, this weekend we get Ethan. We were supposed to meet halfway in Austin to pick him up, but he too sounded like he was getting sick. Plus, we recently found out he’s allergic to cats and we didn’t want to make things worse for him with Nermal. I’ve also been in and out of bed all day and didn’t feel up to being in a car for a long drive.

So, Amanda is staying the weekend with Ethan in San Antonio and I’m here in Waco sick in bed. I won’t lie. I’m sad I won’t see Ethan this weekend, but I’m doing my best to not focus on that. It is what it is.

Waco isn’t fun. The traveling isn’t fun, but we (fingers crossed) move back to San Antonio mid 2020. We’ve even been looking around online at houses to start daydreaming/getting an idea of possibilities when we move back to San Antonio. And that makes me happy. The thought of all of us being back together at the same time without miles between us. And in a city where all our family and friends are. That. That makes me happy.