Okay, let me come clean. I lied. Lol. This was click bait.

I didn’t photograph my own wedding, but I did have a camera on me during my ceremony and throughout my wedding day.

When I announced that I was getting married, people asked me if I was going to photograph my own wedding. I thought that was stupid. That would mean I would not be able to live in the moment at my own wedding. Or that other photographers aren’t great. We had an incredible photographer. By the way, check out our wedding photographer, Christian David Photo!

Photography is a huge part of my life. It’s what allowed me to meet Amanda in the first place 6 years ago. And where we got married was literally the place where I learned how to use a camera when I first started. Cameras are a big part of my life. Preserving moments that mean something is what I care about.

It was important that I take at least one photo during our ceremony and that I at least have my camera on me the whole day. However, I did not want be in charge of documenting the entire day.

Here’s a few personal photos that I took that day. None of these are from our photographer. And if I’m in a photo, it’s cause I sat my camera down somewhere and someone picked it up. Luckily, I always had my camera’s settings ready to go in every lighting situation. Lol.

It made me happy having these personal photos. And they take me back to feeling how I felt in that exact spot in that exact moment. However, if I was the only photographer… this is all I would’ve managed to have from my wedding day. And if I had focused more on the photos, I wouldn’t have been able to mingle with all my family and friends.

If you’re a photographer, find a photographer that you trust and appreciate their work. Don’t photograph your wedding day. If anything, do what I did and just snap a moment here and there. I was so pleased with our photographer. He did an incredible job and I’m glad we hired him.

If you’re engaged and have a friend or family member you’re inviting that’s a photographer, you should still find another photographer. Let them be a guest and enjoy their company. Don’t make them work.