Gosh… it’s been over year since my last blog post. And it’s been even longer than that previously since I had touched this. I don’t want to blame the pandemic and make it my excuse for losing faith in myself, but it’s true along with a whole lot of other baggage I guess.

As I’ve been making a ton of progress this year as far as my mental health goes, I feel as though I’m remembering who Anthony was pre-pandemic. He was super passionate about taking photos all the fucking time no matter if he was getting paid or not. He was about experiences. He was about hanging out with people. He was about sharing his photos (even the bad ones).

I’m making slow progress to reuniting myself with my old self. It’s tough sometimes, but man do I miss the old me.

So, tonight, I FINALLY am going to get out of the house, venture out to a show, and take photos for the fuck of it. Just ‘cause. And god damn I missed this feeling so much. This, to me, is progress. And I’m so damn proud. I have much more I want to share on here, but I’m going to leave this post just as it is for now. My hope is to be able to have pictures I create tonight to be able to post here as a means of celebration. Particularly, just celebrating a small win for myself. It’s the small wins that add up and continue to keep me going!