A few days ago, I got back my roll of Kodak 160 VC from Indie Film Lab.

Once I knew that Lolita had cancer, I decided to shoot a roll of film of the last few days she was alive. I shot a few frames each day. I wanted my last memories of her on film. I won’t say much else cause I’ll get too emotional. I just wanted to share these few frames.

anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0000 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0001 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0002 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0003 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0004 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0005 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0006 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0007 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0008 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0009 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0010 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0011 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0012 anthony-gauna-lolita-last-week-film_0013