In the midst of non-stop work. I realized that I hadn’t shared a preview from Jess and Trent’s wedding a few weeks ago over on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve been focused on working on weddings in order to make sure I get everyone their photos as quickly as possible. Plus, with holidays coming up, I don’t want to fall behind.

It’s been full on madness like it always is this time of year. But in a good way. I fucking love what I do. It’s seriously a rush of energy. And compared to last year when I was adjusting to the driving back and forth throughout Texas, this year, I’ve got shit down. It’s normal life to me now.

Today though, my body is feeling it. I’m packing up my bags and gonna drive from San Antonio to Waco. Gonna check on the cat, maybe eat, and then make my way up to DFW this evening to pick up Amanda from the airport. She’s been in Atlanta for a conference. Then tonight, we head back to Waco. I mapped it out. I’ll be driving over 450 miles today.

Tomorrow, I’m making it a point to focus on myself. Gonna take it easy. Maybe take a bubble bath, exercise, meditate, and overall not work much other than emails and tiny admin stuff. The day after it starts back up with more editing, meetings, and prepping to drive to next week’s wedding in just a few days.

That’s really what I’m getting at with this. I love what I do. I work my ass off and pretty much don’t stop. But the key to maintaining this non-stop lifestyle is to take some time to stop and recover before burn out sets in. It’s important to me that I take care of my body. Otherwise, I can’t be at my full potential for my job, my clients, and my family.

For those of you who work for yourself, please make sure you take at least a day for yourself and your health. Never feel guilty for this. It helps you continue to do your best. And if you’re a wedding photographer like me, you can’t request a sick day off on a wedding day.