This year, we ventured off of our normal traditions. Life has been weird this year for me. Lots of new transitions and things to go through. I had a really busy wedding season this past fall and I was in literal constant work-mode and travel-mode.

We didn’t have our little one this year. We also never really get drunk on new years eve since we have to drive. And I also wanted to be closer to my dad and also give him the peace of mind that we were going to be safe by just walking to my best friend’s bar from his place.

Oh yeah, I guess I should’ve mentioned that when we’re in San Antonio, we stay with my dad. So we were able to get drunk (me more so than Amanda Lol) and walk back to my dads. We stayed safe and had fun. We’ll see what next year holds since we’ll have our little next time.

I made short quick cut video throughout the night that you can check out below. Along with some photos taken that night. Some with my Fuji X Pro 2, some with my iPhone X, and one with my wife’s iPhone 8.

The video was made with Spark camera. The Fuji photos were edited in Lightroom Classic CC with my own presets, and the iPhone photos were edited on Lightroom Mobile with my own presets.