These are photos from a shoot last year that I still need to blog on my main photography website. Except this wasn’t during the shoot.

My friend Anoush Anou and I were collaborating on different ideas. We were mixing and matching outfits to certain parts of the outdoors we’d stumble upon while walking. It was a little cold and a little misty that day. In between places we’d shoot she’d wear her jacket with the hood on. I wanted to document her as she is and not be in the modeling mindset. So along the way, we stopped real quick so I could snap these of her.

Yes, I love creating beautiful looking portraits. But the heart of what I do is just documenting people as they are and how I see them and the world around me. People are beautiful. We all have different passions and go through different experiences that shape our individual personality. That to me is more interesting than re-creating the same looking Instagram photo just for the sake of creating a nice looking photo for likes.