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Updated: April 13, 2022

2022 Yearly Theme

My theme this year is “The Year of Rebuilding”. I got the concept of the yearly theme from one of my favorite podcasts, Cortex. Instead of setting goals or resolutions, you come up with a theme or phrase to help guide what you focus on throughout the year. It’s extremely helpful and I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try.

My theme this year is based around focusing on things that make me happy. I went through some hard times in regards to my mental and physical health between 2020-2021 and I want to fix that by “re-building” my life again. This involves everything from taking more photos, doing more projects that bring me joy, seeing friends, meeting new people, and going out into the world.

Current Projects

  • The Guitar Dojo Rock and Roll Showcase:
    I’m teaming up with The Guitar Dojo in San Antonio and taking on a big personal project. They’re going to be putting on a show at the end of May. A bunch of their students who normally get lessons 1-on-1 are coming together to create bands and playing a few songs. I’m documenting their band rehearsals and will be photographing the show in May. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.
  • Personal Portrait Project:
    I started a free personal portrait project where people can submit their ideas and get a free 15-minute session with me if their idea sounds awesome and is aligned with my style of work. This is my way to help with my mental health and just create something for the hell of it. Once again, it’s all aligned with my yearly theme listed above. If you’re interested in participating, you can get more details and sign up here.
  • My Photography Website:
    A few months ago, I did a total redesign of my photography website (not this one). It looks so different and it’s honestly one of my favorite looking websites I’ve ever had. I’m really proud of how it’s coming along. I never made an announcement about it cause I still have a ton to fix, add, and edit. But if you’re here, you get all the behind-scenes secrets. Go check it out if you haven’t been to it in months or ever before. Click Here!
  • This Website:
    I haven’t touched this website since the start of the pandemic. I missed it so I’m going to be adding things and blogging to it whenever I think of anything.

Health, Fitness, & Life-Logging

Between gaining a little bit of a beer-drinker body, health issues of some family members, feeling sluggish, life & work getting busier, and wanting to do more things in life, I felt it was time to focus on my health again. My wife started to focus on hers lately and it gave me the push to commit to exercising again. I’ve also started tracking things so that I can better understand my behavior and life. I’m starting to track what I eat, what I drink, where I go, and the tasks I complete. I’m slowly working on automations to help make it easier for me to track all this information. I’ve tried in the past to do this but gave up cause I didn’t automate anything. If this experiment goes well, I’ll share more on the blog as far as the progress and tools I’m using.

Creative Togs Collective

I finally brought back meetups for the local San Antonio photography meetup group I created. I started the group in 2020, but stopped it after 2 meetups since the pandemic started. After 2 years and finally the mental bandwidth, I decided it was time to bring it back. I’ll add more info about the group to this website’s resources links once I have something put together.

Daily Work/Life Themes

I’m juggling a lot things I need to do and also want to do. I was struggling to decide on what to work on each day. So I came up with themes to help guide me on what to work on. It’s been helping a ton. I’m updating this page/site on my correlated theme too! 🙌 I start by doing tasks that NEED to be done. After those are completed, I refer to my daily theme and only work on tasks that are related to that daily theme. And of course, those tasks are also tied into my yearly theme listed above.

  • MONDAY: Admin Day
    Things that have to get done.
  • TUESDAY: Optimize Day
    Things that will help make life or work easier or better.
  • WEDNESDAY: Creative Day
    Things that fuel me, get me excited, and requires a lot of focus and alone time.
  • THURSDAY: Marketing Day
    Everything from my photo website, Instagram, etc.

I keep Friday – Sunday open as days I can catch up on things or do whatever it is I want to work on or not work on.

What I’m Listening To On Repeat

The new Tears for Fears album is my favorite release so far this year. And this song in particular is so damn good. Can’t get enough of it.