I post a lot about my personal life on social media, but never so much on my blog. I think I’m going to start posting more personal stuff on here. We got into San Antonio yesterday and went out for a walk with our 7-year son, Ethan. While we were walking around, Ethan asked if he could use my camera.

Excitedly I said yes.

I always get excited when he takes pictures on an actual camera. I see his curiosity come out and he actually has pretty good framing and composition. When he takes pictures on a cell phone, he clicks away and doesn’t have that curiosity or framing like he does with an actual camera. He also never takes the time to appreciate what he’s taking pictures of when he uses a cell phone.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think these came out great. I just thought I’d share these because this is my life – My family, Cameras, Photos, Memories. These are moments of my life I’ll look back and appreciate.

Once again, none of these were taken by me. They were taken by our 7-year-old son. What do you think?