Restless Farewell Show

For those that follow me on Instagram, I asked you if I should create a separate profile for my photography work that isn’t my wedding/portrait work. Everyone said to continue doing what I’m doing.

I don’t know why, but I’ve felt like I should be separating my wedding and portrait work on Instagram. After feeling conflicted about not being my full-self online and yet also not feeling like I shouldn’t be my full self online, I opted to go all in. Fuck it, right?

I get annoyed seeing this highly curated feeds on Instagram. Yes, weddings and portraits are my main bread and butter, but truth is, photography, in general, is what fuels me. I don’t photograph everything, but what I do photograph has a special place in my heart.

So, I’m done hiding. I’m done trying to curate my life on social media. I’m just going to throw my full self out there on Instagram. My photography website is just for my wedding and portrait work. My personal website is for everything else related to me and what I care about. And my Instagram will be treated the same way as a general hub for me. I’m done stressing out over how to curate my feed.

These photos felt like the perfect place to begin my not-give-a-fuck-anymore photos to share on Instagram. Restless had their farewell show after about 6 years of not playing. I never had the chance to photograph them back in the day, so it was great to be hired to photograph this incredible night.

Band photography always takes me back to my roots of where I started as a photographer. I love photographing the passion of people whether it’s bands performing or the passionate love between a couple. I blend my crazy way of documenting bands with photographing events and people. It’s chaos and I absolutely love it.

So let’s raise a glass to not giving a fuck. My IG feed is about to be a mixture of whatever the fuck I care about. It will be a clear reflection of who I am – not just a curated business feed.

Mikey Vibe’s DV B-Day Show

It’s been a long while since I’ve been able take time for myself to snap photos. I talk a lot on Instagram about how I NEED to create for the sake of creating. It’s therapeutic for me.

When I have no end result in mind or any need to deliver anything, it frees my mind. I get to experiment and forget about anything going on in life. It takes me back to when I first picked up a camera. It fuels me.

For me, it’s a reminder of why I continued to use a camera after picking it up in 2010. It’s my expression and voice that I put out into the world. And even at that, it’s not for anyone. It’s for myself.

So far, this blog has a large amount of photos of my best friend, Mikey Vibe. One day, maybe I’ll release a book of all the photos I’ve taken of Deer Vibes. They’re the first band I started photographing after I picked up a camera.

Music was a part of my life before photography. Once I failed and failed trying to keep music going, photographing bands became what healed me. It kept me out of severe depression.

I missed writing and playing music, but I still got to create something for what used to be close to my heart.

Here’s some snapshots from Deer Vibes’ B-Day show for Mikey’s 30th birthday over at VenturaSATX.

For the photographers interested, this was all shot on a Fuji X-Pro 2 with a 23mm lens. That’s it.

Pro Tip: Get as close as possible. Never use a zoom. Get on stage if you can. And in my case as you’ll see, have a whiskey shot with the entire band on stage during the show.

How I Got Into Photography (The Short Version)

How I Got Into Photography

I’ve begun to start to talk more about my start of becoming a photographer lately because I’m no longer ashamed of myself. I’m also finding that people find my story intriguing.

A really long story cut short, I wanted to be a rockstar.

In my early 20’s, I had a band that toured and got offered a contract by a label. We turned it down and broke up circa 2005. I then felt lost in life for a few years and went through a deep depression.

Throughout my depression of trying to find myself, a friend recommended I pick up a camera. After I shot my first roll of film I became obsessed, because it was another form of creating something. I also felt I was good at something else other than making music. I would go out to a dive bar and photograph bands to connect with the music lifestyle I left behind while still expressing myself through creating photographs.

This photo is from 2011 and a part of that journey. This is how I literally learned how to use a camera. In these environments. Every dial, switch, camera technique, flash technique, etc, I all learned here. This is my roots.

Deer Vibes Photos

This past weekend I finally got a chance to see Deer Vibes perform after not seeing them for about a year or so. That day, I had been assisting another photographer’s wedding. Luckily, it ended early. And since I didn’t have a camera bag or memory cards to worry about, I managed to make it just in time to see them. And like always, I snapped a few photos with my Fuji X-Pro 2.

Afterwards, I had a beer with everyone and even met someone who has been following me on Instagram. I handed her my camera and asked her to take a few photos of me. And I also handed it over to another friend of mine. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I’m in the photo, I didn’t take it. Lol. I just wanted to share these memories from that night.