So, the idea is to start journaling more. That also includes holding onto memories whether they be words, photos, or both.

I take photos of tons of people. I have more photos of other people than I do of myself, my family, friends, and life in general. I really need to change that… and in many ways.

It all starts with making an effort to take photos of just about anything and everything. Then, posting it to this online journal (so I can access it digitally & share it with others), printing them and adding them to albums or boxes, then archiving them digitally.

Personally, I like when I look through my parents’ old photos, whether it be from my childhood or even their childhood. Even the simplest of photos are interesting. For instance, homes. Unless you take photos or video, how do you expect to remember these little things. I love being able to look back. To see how much things changed. I want record of this for myself.

So, the other day, I took photos of our apartment. It’s all chaotic. We’re waiting on our new apartment to be ready. But, I wanted to have at least a few photos of our very first apartment together. I want to remember the small space that we made work. Even the nights of me having to sleep on the floor in the closet. I don’t care to create amazing photographs of this stuff. Just photos in general. I want to remember those moments in my life because shit moves too fast. It’s easy to forget the things we might take for granted.

2015-04-02_0002 2015-04-02_0000 2015-04-02_0001 2015-04-02_0003



I also want to remember moments like Ethan reading!






And just little moments like these…



2015-04-02_0005 2015-04-02_0006 2015-04-02_0007 2015-04-02_0008 2015-04-02_0009 2015-04-02_0010 2015-04-02_0011 2015-04-02_0012


Here’s to life!!!

It’s fucking beautiful and precious. Don’t let it pass you by.