6 years ago, I met my now wife. And little did I know that my life would change a lot and also for the better. I’ve never wanted kids of my own. That’s a whole other story. However, she did have a 1 year old and there I was stepping into becoming a stepdad and first time parent.

I was so scared. I was never good with kids. Part of the reason I never want/wanted kids of my own is/was because it’s a big responsibility. I’d never really been good at responsibility. I always tended to do what ever I wanted to do.

I was just coming off from being an emotional wreck. At that time, I had just gotten over depression about my purpose in life. I was frustrated with everything that was going on with me. I was tired of working a 9-5 job I hated. I was tired of the terrible relationships I was attracting in my life. One day on my lunch break, I sat in my car and wrote out all the qualities I want in someone I’d want in my life. The next day, I met Amanda. That was the first time I realized that whatever you focus on, you’ll attract.

Except, having a child wasn’t in my list. Haha. But you gotta trust what life throws at you sometimes.

Anyhow, this photo popped up in my memories on my Facebook and it brought back so many memories.

This was the very first Thanksgiving that I had shared with both Amanda and Ethan. I had only known Amanda and Ethan a few months.

Becoming a stepdad has pushed me to become a better person for myself, for Amanda, and for Ethan. I still don’t want a child of my own, but Ethan, he’s still my little dude and I care for him as if he were my own.

I guess the main thoughts that were going through my mind when I saw this picture was, “Damn Anthony, you’ve really grown up a lot since then.”

I’m grateful for a lot of things, but my family is one thing I’ll always be grateful for. I truly don’t know where I would be right now emotionally if it weren’t for them in my life.