14: How I Shoot Indoors

It had been way too long since I recorded an episode. So, I decided to record an impromptu episode talking about how I shoot indoors at weddings. Hope you get something out of this.  Thanks for listening! LINKS & RESOURCES: Free Lightroom Presets Join The Facebook Group Follow Me On Instagram TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS:

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Snapshots From A TPR Event

These days when I’m in San Antonio, I never really know how to feel about how to spend my free time. I was in San Antonio a few days ago and wanted to take a nap after my shoot. As I laid down, I got a text from my best friend Mikey saying I should hang out with him at an event he was performing at.

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12: Productivity Tools I Use

In this episode, I talk about the type of productivity tools and software I think every photographer should be using if they’re running a business. I also discuss which ones I use and why. Thanks for listening!   LINKS & RESOURCES: Piculiar Photo Website Piculiar Photo Instagram The Sweet Setup Client Management – Táve Email

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